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Solve A Problem

solve_icon_credit_cardsCredit Card Debt

Credit card debt has always been a financial drain on consumers. High interest rates, late fees and over limit charges make paying off credit card debt an often futile and lifelong problem. We can help you determine the best approach and create a safe and simple way to resolve this so your future is not locked into credit card debt problems. More…

solve_icon_credit_cardsMortgage Relief

Consumers across America are facing a variety of problems related to their homes. Being behind on a mortgage can feel terrible. Worse, it can lead to foreclosure, which not only affects your living situation, but can destroy your credit and make getting another home more difficult. You don’t have to let this happen. We can help you find the right approach suitable for your situation. More…

solve_icon_credit_cardsPoor Credit

Your credit history is one of the tools potential lenders use when deciding on whether or not they are going to grant you a loan. You have the power to influence your credit. We can help you learn ways to improve your credit so it becomes a financial ‘asset‘, not a hindrance. More…

solve_icon_credit_cardsLiving Paycheck to Paycheck

Perhaps you are running out of money before the end of the month and getting behind on bills. The first step is a thorough assessment of your financial situation and reorganization. We can help you dig in and find ways to adjust spending to meet your needs and solve any immediately problems. More…

Have More Money

The key to financial strength is having good organization skills and plans to match all your goals. Whether it’s a vacation, starting your own business or any other goal you have in mind, the FSB program helps you set your financial goals and manage your progress so you have the best chance of achieving them. More…

solve_icon_credit_cardsRetirement Fund

Statistics tell us that now more than ever people are concerned that they haven’t planned well enough for the future. FSB is a comprehensive program to help you make plans for both the short and long term. More…

solve_icon_credit_cardsBuy a Home

Buying a home will be the biggest investment you will most likely ever make in your life. By preparing yourself and your credit report before buying a home, you can make the finance process go more smoothly. FSB will help you take a careful look at your credit, your budget and help you unlock the mysteries of the process to enable you to buy a home without feeling too lost or overwhelmed. More…

solve_icon_credit_cardsSmarter Spending

FSB has a number of ways to help you make smart choices in how you spend your money. Our savings programs help you find bargains and plan for expenses. Our guides to wise spending will also give you important tips and insights into how to make better spending choices. More…


Get Help

FSB has partners who can help you with your debt, credit scores, taxes, student loans and more. Subscribee to learn more about the available resources to help you improve your financial situation.

Why FSB?

Financial Strength Builder™ (FSB) was designed in response to today's need for the American household to return to financial well-being, gain access to the best financial deals available, realize your dreams and provide for your future. FSB™ provides you with valuable resources:

The FSB program guides you along your path to financial freedom and provides the satisfaction that comes from knowing that you are in control of your money. It has everything you'll need to know, in a simple, fun-filled environment, including financial tools, every day bargains and deals, tools to monitor progress, online financial direction, and personal financial training to help you achieve fiscal strength – fast!

Introduction to the Frugality Game™


Module 1: Understanding Your Finances

Overview of the Frugality Game™

Land of Egypt - Day 1 & 2

African Safari - Day 3 to 30

Land of Caribbean - Day 31 - 60

Land of Philippines - Day 60 & beyond!

Rapid Results Roadmap

With your membership in the Financial Strength Builder™ (FSB) you’ll be able to take advantage of our easy to follow step-by-step process to get your finances under control and start saving some serious money to build financial strength! We offer 12 sessions in the Rapid Results Roadmap to guide you through the process of building your financial foundation and show you how to continue to grow from there.


Your Financial Strength Score (FSS)

Your credit score (which is what we always hear about) is all about the banks and reducing their risk whereas the FSS is all about you, your security, and your ability to withstand unplanned events!

After you've listed your income and lifestyle in a structured format, the FSS system creates a personalized plan for achieving long term financial goals by designing ways for you to modify your finances so that you can find additional money each month.

Building your knowledge and skill with the four foundations

Financial stability depends on a structured process and the Financial Strength Builder™ automates and manages what you make, spend, and save.

The Four Foundations are:

  • Budget Management - Build a repeatable process for tracking and managing all your finances.

  • Savings System - Pay yourself first and automate the savings process.

  • Credit Building- Implement lifetime habits that will improve your credit, increase your buying power and reduce the interest you pay over your lifetime.

  • Debt Reduction- Learn ways to eliminate bad debt, understand when debt can be an asset.

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