1 – Budgeting. Keeping records of your spending and knowing your credit score are three essential foundations. Of courSnip20160404_1se, we have been hounding you on this one for some time. We place this as number 1.

2 – How to make a physical move to a new home. Do you know how much you can afford? Most people only think of the payment but fail to account for basics like utilities (water, garbage, electricity, gas/oil, etc.). Another is how much will your new location change your commuting costs each day? Tolls? Gas? Time, Wear on car? People often make a move and underestimate the additional costs. Moving is emotional just like money decisions. Never rush into these things. Prepare a detail list of all the possible costs to compare your present and future projected cash outlay. Then you will be able to see clearly instead of only through emotional eyes.

3 – Taxes. Do you understand what tax deductions really are and how they affect your tax bill? There is a lot of jargon and people make too many assumptions that are wrong. The first one is getting a huge refund. Most professionals advise against getting a huge refund. All that amounts to is a personal loan you made to the government. There are many low cost software products to help you understand your taxes better and plan. Tax prep companies are very competitive now. If you have a side business, it’s probably a good idea to consult with someone who can advise on how to maximize your tax benefits. If you only get a W-2 and work for someone, things might be simpler but if you have other income such as rentals, get help. Don’t go it alone. The money you pay for professional advice could save you multiples of what you spend for specialized help.

4 – Salary negotiation. Too many people take what they’ve offered because they are afraid to negotiate. The old saying, if you don’t ask, you’ll never know. Most employers expect potential hires to negotiate terms of employment. If you don’t, you are probably leaving money on the table. There are loads of resources online to help with salary and benefit negotiation. Remember that it is a two-way street and the goal is for both sides to benefit. If you don’t speak up, you’ll probably end up hating yourself because of what you missed out on. Do some research and learn how to politely and appropriately manage your next position or meeting about compensation.

Land of Egypt - Day 1 & 2

African Safari - Day 3 to 30

Land of Caribbean - Day 31 - 60

Land of Philippines - Day 60 & beyond!

Your Financial Strength Score (FSS)

Your credit score (which is what we always hear about) is all about the banks and reducing their risk whereas the FSS is all about you, your security, and your ability to withstand unplanned events!

After you've listed your income and lifestyle in a structured format, the FSS system creates a personalized plan for achieving long term financial goals by designing ways for you to modify your finances so that you can find additional money each month.

Rapid Results Roadmap

With your membership in the Financial Strength Builder™ (FSB) you’ll be able to take advantage of our easy to follow step-by-step process to get your finances under control and start saving some serious money to build financial strength! We offer 12 sessions in the Rapid Results Roadmap to guide you through the process of building your financial foundation and show you how to continue to grow from there.


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Module 1: Understanding Your Finances

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Building your knowledge and skill with the four foundations

Financial stability depends on a structured process and the Financial Strength Builder™ automates and manages what you make, spend, and save.

The Four Foundations are:

  • Budget Management - Build a repeatable process for tracking and managing all your finances.

  • Savings System - Pay yourself first and automate the savings process.

  • Credit Building- Implement lifetime habits that will improve your credit, increase your buying power and reduce the interest you pay over your lifetime.

  • Debt Reduction- Learn ways to eliminate bad debt, understand when debt can be an asset.

Why FSB?

Financial Strength Builder™ (FSB) was designed in response to today's need for the American household to return to financial well-being, gain access to the best financial deals available, realize your dreams and provide for your future. FSB™ provides you with valuable resources:

The FSB program guides you along your path to financial freedom and provides the satisfaction that comes from knowing that you are in control of your money. It has everything you'll need to know, in a simple, fun-filled environment, including financial tools, every day bargains and deals, tools to monitor progress, online financial direction, and personal financial training to help you achieve fiscal strength – fast!

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